At Caros, we know (based on our own experiences) how getting older feels, so we’re focused on helping people use technology to lead full, independent, active lives. We’ve developed a platform (our app) that works with a wide range of health and lifestyle devices that can enrich and improve day-to-day activities for either yourself, or someone you care for.

We’ve made it easy to follow trends (in an on-line profile), and have designed it to be social so that you can set up a network of people for support and encouragement. We continuously optimise our app and extend our platform, by using the real world data from our customers to develop new, innovative products and services.

Caros Mission

1. Help people to easily use health and lifestyle devices for happier, healthier, and more connected lives,
2. Use real world data to drive the development of new, innovative products and services.

Our Partners

At Kinetik Wellbeing we believe that technology has an important role to play in making all of our lives better. Our award winning, affordable and accurate range of products allow you to independently take control of your Health and Wellbeing through regular checks and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

The partnership with Caros and the development of the Health Sense kit forms the next step in the evolution of health management. With their extensive expertise in software development and Kinetik’s experience in manufacturing great value, high quality health products, it is a perfect fit.

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