When you create your profile, you input your name, address, email, date of birth, ethnicity, and gender. To use various Caros features (for example, in the medication reminder function) you have the option to include your medications, and any medical conditions you may be aware that you have.To create the graphs in your on-line profile, we collect readings from devices you use with the Caros system. You can store readings from devices that you buy from us (integrated with our app), and you can input readings manually to your Caros profile, from devices that are not integrated with the Caros app.
Caros is a UK company and complies with the data storage and management regulations for the UK and the EU. The data in your on-line profile is stored on servers in the EU, complying with the EU’s data security policies.Please note, the readings from your devices are temporarily stored on your smartphone, until they are uploaded to the on-line profile. You can choose whether to do this automatically, or manually.We have SSL encryption on the databases and your data is encrypted when it is transmitted from your smartphone to your web profile.
No – we do not ask for, nor do we store any type of health records on the Caros systems. Any information you add to your profile is purely for your own use and may or may not be correct.
No, Caros is not a medical device, nor is it certified to be one.It must not be used to replace, or form, any part of a medical treatment regimen that has been suggested or prescribed by a healthcare professional.
The Caros system (the devices, smartphone app, web profile) have been designed and are intended for use only as lifestyle improvement aids. They are neither marketed, described nor designed for use in clinical settings of any sort. The system should only be used to help the User make changes to their lifestyle that could result in better quality of life and improved wellbeing. The system is not intended as a component of any kind of medical or clinical treatment prescribed by qualified medical professionals, and should not be used as such.